Just finished a wonderful easter weekend with the me girl and her kids!..Went out to the country and visited friends that had a little land to play around on.What was cool is me girls boy 6 and girl 8 got to ride a dirt bike for the first time!.Well first successful time I should say!..Do you remember your first ride on a dirt bike?..Was it a good time or did you bust your ass and cry like a bitch?.If it was a good time.Chances are you where pretty darn ecited couldn’t wait to do it again?!..If you busted your ass and where kinda over it I bet!..Sometimes it takes a while to “Get back on that horse” as they say. The fear of grabbing another handful of throttle,and not knowing how to stop!..Trying to figure out the gas,brakes combo etc..Its a lot to take in all at once.Well luckily on this ride things started to click..Yeah they started to figure it out and shit started clicking!..So now I have some excited kids!..I’ve heard about a million times “When you gonnna buy me a dirtbike?” already!..I think that’s a good thing!..I’ll be honest with you.they have “rollerblades”-Not cool!Yeah no fruit boots in my house!That’s what I want at least?..They have “scooter sticks” even more foofy?!.I know they are young and that’s what kids do..Kids also get beat up at school for breaking out those foofy things on some playgrounds.Not that I condone that ,but I understand!!!.I want the cool kids at school you know!..I’m a Crusty Demon and I don’t want them riding foofy things and getn’ called names!. I was the fat kid at school so I would get picked on anyways!..Until I got a little bit older,and then there girlfriends came up missing for a day or 2?..Round boy lovin..It just happens..Anyways.I’m getting the kids dirtbikes ,and letting them roost in the dirt like cool kids!..Cause some of those cool kids have hot single moms!!!..thats a whole nother story now aint it!..I grew up riding/racing dirt bikes..The family sport of dirt bike riding and MX racing..You cant do it without your parents,brothers or sister!…Now that was a lot of fun!..Getting behind a gate!..Theres no greater feeling than going thru a first turn with 39 other people holding it wide open!..Then doing it again the next weekend etc.Its the best way to learn how to ride a dirt bike-Racing!..Like on the job training I guess!.Oh hell yes!