Editors Letter

Hi there and welcome to issue 32 of Crusty mag. Now this editor’s letter is always a tough one to write and there are a couple of reasons for this. One: dealing with a deadline in the first week of a new year means a lot of this mag gets written at or around Christmas. In this case it’s only a couple of days before New Year’s eve and in typical fashion I’ve left this until the last minute; now I find myself working while most of my friends are out riding or enjoying the holidays.

Two: this time of year is very exciting and there’s lots to write about but as we’re a bi-monthly magazine this issue doesn’t hit the newsstands until early April, so by the time you guys read this we’ll be rolling through 2013 like a steam train with no brakes and this will be getting a little dated.

So I’ve decided to live for the moment and write about the present. Excuse me if this is a step back in time but I promise it will be worth it.

Let me begin with NYE. Growing up in Sydney definitely has a few perks, one of which is having one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. On NYE this place is an amazing place to be. At this time the whole city gets lit up with enough explosives to sinks a large ship. As a male, I love nothing more than seeing shit get blown up on a large scale, so one of my favourite things to do every year is get amongst the crowds and find a spot down by the water to watch the fireworks. Having said that I would like to wish everyone the best for 2013.

Now, speaking of fireworks, this leads me to my next subject: fire stunts! As most of you may now know I have been performing fire stunts of late and my last stunt was performed on my biggest stage yet: Etihad Stadium, for the T20 big bash in front of 25,000 fans. This is the first time anything like this has ever been done before: a backflip on fire during the halftime of televised cricket match! It was a great success and has opened the dorrs to more shows in huge arenas in 2013. In this issue’s ‘Behind the Scenes’ we’ll tell you about how this stunt was executed. Want to read more? (Page 96 in Crusty Magazine)

Now, as I mentioned, this issue will be on sale in 2013 and we have lots of current content- like an all-new Crusty Demons Monster truck. But just before we get on to that I want to guide your attention to a couple of great events that went down late in 2012.

The first is the Narrogian Revheads FMX contest. I was lucky enough to make my way over there for my first time and I must say this contest impressed me. From the management to the riding it was great to be involved. We of course have some coverage of the event inside this issue which starts on page 63 (inside Crusty Magazine).

The other event I just wanted to mention quickly was the 51st Marobe Show held in Papua New Guinea, which is only a stone’s throw from the northernmost tip of Australia but when visiting PNG you’d swear you’d travelled around the globe. The culture is thick and its like no other country I have ever visited. This year a couple of Crusty OGs – myself and Matt Schubring- rode in front of approximately 100,000 screaming fans in a environment that has to be seen to be believed.

Now to 2013! The monster truck I’m going to let you discover for yourself, but before I go I wanted to lead you to a great feature story on some of our most successful Australian FMX riders. This massive 12-page feature was written by non other than Jerry Bernardo and is a preview of these riders and 2013. The article is a standout in this issue, so be sure to check it out.

Thanks again for your support!

-Joel Balchin