Editors Letter

Strap yourself in because here we go again — another hot summer and another massive issue of Crusty magazine! I’m super excited about this issue,and this time of year for that matter. The festive season is just around the corner and it’s busier than a dog with two dicks right now. The temperature keeps on rising and so does the number of marked weekends on your social calendar, or work calendar if you’re lucky.

Today was Melbourne Cup day and I would like to share with you all that I just won the largest sum of money I have ever won in my life: $9.20. Woohoo — I doubled my lunch money! Don’t get me wrong; I am really excited. Seriously. I’m not a betting man and this was my first win. I might buy myself a coke from the vending machine on the way out this afternoon.

But, really, what’s not to love about summer? There are loads of cool events on every weekend and you will be able to read all of those in this issue right after you’re done with this totally cool piece of writing that I call my editor’s letter. So let’s turn up the heat and get down to business.

As I was saying, loads of events. Let me start with my latest adventure — a trip to the beautiful Gold Coast for the Jetpilot Night of Nights. This bitching event is put on by JPI and their team of wonderful people for all the media, retailers and buyers for their brands MM and Jetpilot. The night features a who’s who of this industry and the party this year was huge. So big, in fact, that we have decided to fill our “Behind the Scenes” section this issue with images from the night. It’s a must see and starts on p88.

Another thing you hardcore Crusty mag fans might notice is that we have restructured a little and added a couple of guest columns. These columns are here to stay and our first guests are none other than Seth Enslow and new kid Truman Carroll. These new guest columns are on p16 and p18, so be sure to check them out now and in the future to see which of your favourite riders will be making an appearance.

Joe Balchin: Editor Crusty MagazineOne of my favourite feature stories this issue is our look into the Xpilots series. This series has been running for several years now and has stood the test of time, establishing itself as one of the best FMX contests in South America. If you’re one of those people who is wondering what the hell I’m talking about, I suggest you turn to p36 and get up to speed — pronto.

While I’m on the subject of South America and favourite riders, let me tell you about a couple of boys who are absolutely killing it: Erick Ruiz and Destin Cantrell, who feature in the Globe trotter and USA Update sections of this issue. These two are inseparable at the moment and are on a mission to ride as much as they can while California is at the best time of year for doing so. They both come from totally different origins and their stories make for some interesting reading, so don’t miss these pages or you will regret it!

Well, that’s about enough favourites from me for one issue. It’s time to get amongst it and see what your favourite stories are. Till next time, take care and keep it on two!

-Joel Balchin